Rebooted XFL plans to keep clock running after all plays to speed up games

When the XFL returns in 2020, it will feature at least one notable rule that differs from the NFL: A running clock.

Sam Schwartzstein, the league's director of football operations, said in a recent XFL video, per ProFootballTalk, that instead of stopping the clock after incomplete passes and runs out of bounds, XFL games will keep the clock running -- except in the final two minutes of each half -- in order to speed up quarters and reduce the length of games.

"Fans want to minimize idle time and speed up the game," Schwartzstein said, according to PFT. "We look at the play clock as one of the big things we want to change. Fans want more plays -- less stall, more ball."

The "less stall, more ball" motto had been pitched by the XFL before, including most recently by commissioner Oliver Luck at the league's recent unveiling of eight host cities and stadiums. But the running clock rule marks the first practical plan for faster game play -- something that league founder Vince McMahon promised back when the XFL's revival was first announced in January.

In addition to the running clock, the XFL intends to designate ball-spotters for quick transitions between play, according to PFT.

Originally a joint venture between WWE and NBC in 2001, the XFL lasted just one season during its first run but is set to kick off with its eight franchises -- most of which share cities with NFL teams -- in 2020. It's also one of just several startup leagues aiming to fill the pro football void following the NFL season, joining the Alliance of American Football, American Flag Football League and Freedom Football League as prospective springtime alternatives.

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