Redskins ask judge to dismiss lawsuit stemming from Bountygate

The bounty program continues to keep Gregg Williams in the news. (AP)
The bounty program continues to keep Gregg Williams in the news. (AP)

You might have thought the far-reaching Bountygate story that never seemed to die last offseason finally had met its demise. Except earlier this month, former NFL linebacker Barrett Green sued the Redskins, Gregg Williams and former Washington tight end Robert Royal over an injury suffered by Green in a 2004 Washington-New York Giants game.

Williams, one of the main architects of the Bountygate program with the Saints, was the Redskins' defensive coordinator at the time, and Green alleged, “Redskins coaches directed their players to disregard criminal and civil laws, as well as NFL rules, to intentionally injure opponents” and that Royal “intentionally lowered his helmet and dove into” Green's knees “at full speed” and ended Green’s career.

The Redskins have since responded, asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit, saying Green’s claims are “utterly baseless.”

The Redskins lawyers also wrote the lawsuit would be preempted by the NFL’s former CBA because it was filed after the statute of limitations for Green’s claims had expired. In the previous CBA, the team says he had three years to file a claim. The Redskins also say the CBA would have required him to go through a number of procedures before filing the claim, which he did not do.

A hearing for the case has been set for Sept. 24.

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