Redskins cheerleaders celebrate 50 years of costumes

The Redskins cheerleaders perform during a home game last season. (USATSI)
The Redskins cheerleaders perform during a home game last season. (USATSI)

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From the cheerleaders of the organization that brought us the #RedskinsPride social media campaign comes #TrendyTuesday. In theory, it seems like a perfectly innocuous way to get through June, the slowest month the NFL calender.

Except that celebrating 50 years of Redskins cheerleading uniforms includes at least one outfit that will almost certainly enrage a subset of folks already fed up with the team for its refusal to change its name.

According to Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg, that first uniform appears to be from the 1960s.

The one next to it -- the fancy diamond-patterned number -- was adopted in the late 1970s, and garnered its own write-up in the Washington Post. At the time, the get-ups were considered something approaching scandalous.

"And there’s the tan-line problem," wrote the Post's Henry Allen (via the Bog). "The back of those new red-fringed, crocus-yellow uniforms is scarcely more than an afterthought, leaving twin triangles of untanned tushie in view. Some crowd debate also centered on the diamond-shaped panel which unleashes the naval as part of the Redskinettes offense against the rest of the league."

It was a simpler time. People were worried about exposed belly buttons, less so about a team name offensive to some.

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