There's plenty to be excited about when it comes to the Washington Redskins entering 2020. While they are coming off of an abysmal 3-13 campaign, they have a new head coach in Ron Rivera, a potential generational pass rusher in Chase Young and a few dynamic receivers that could help take this offense to another level.

One question mark that remains, however, is at the quarterback position. It appears as though Dwayne Haskins will be the starter for the new-look Redskins, but there's a reason Rivera went out and traded for his former quarterback with the Carolina Panthers, Kyle Allen. Haskins had a bit of an up-and-down rookie campaign, but did appear to put it all together during the end of the season. In his last three starts, he threw for 564 yards, five touchdowns and just one interception. If anything, there's no doubt that the No. 15 overall pick in last year's draft has potential as a quarterback in this league. 

This week, Haskins sat down to pen his experiences from his rookie season. He talked about what it was like to get drafted, go through a quarterback battle and even what it felt like to record his first win. As he enters his first offseason, Haskins says that he feels a "new sense of urgency" to not only prove himself as a legitimate starting quarterback, but to turn the Redskins into a winning franchise.

"If I could say anything to the fans who have grown up watching the Redskins, it would be that we are growing, working as hard as we can, doing things the right way and building a winning mindset on and off the field. I hear people saying, 'What does that mean?' It's the way we practice, the way we eat in the dining room, the way we lift.

A lot of times last year, I thought we were dragging. This year, I feel a new sense of urgency. That's what is fun about football. It's the 'want to,' to play your best in every situation.

That's something I think is important as far as trying to be able to compete with the best of the best teams in the NFL. If you don't think you have a fighting chance, there's no way you're going to win.

I feel like as we continue to grow as a group, we are learning a lot about what it takes to be a winning football team."

While the Redskins only won three games last season, Haskins had a hand in two of those victories. In nine total games played, he threw for 1,365 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. In his seven starts, however, he threw for 1,225 yards, seven touchdowns and just three interceptions. 

Washington has a lot of work do to on both sides of the ball if they want to challenge the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East title, but it's clear they have a quarterback with the right attitude and desire to be a leader. Can he back it up with his on-field talent? That's something we will likely figure out in 2020.