Redskins fire back at Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith's rant from Tuesday has been responded to by the Washington Redskins players that were the targets of his rant, Chris Baker and Ricky Jean-Francois.  

Here's his rant courtesy of the Washington Post:

“Bravo. Bravo,” Smith began. “You’re the champions of the NFC East. WOW! I’m so TOUCHED. I mean, can we stop and throw a party in the nation’s capital? You are the champions of the NFC East. I’m so touched. I’m so touched. Where’s the tissues? Look, let me wipe my tears away. I mean, this is just so touching. I can’t believe it, I’m getting emotional right now. The Washington Redskins are the champions of the NFC East.

“By the way, a division where they were the only team above .500, and you want a cookie. You’re going to literally walk through a locker room, through the hallways en route to your locker room, bragging — BRAGGING! — about the fact that we’re the real champions of the NFC East. What, do you want a cookie? No WONDER y’all are losers.

“See, this is the kind of stuff that we’re talking about here that makes no sense, makes no sense. And I’m not calling them losers because of their record, because they’re the reigning NFC East champions. I’m not calling them losers because they’re losing this year; they’re 4-2. I’m talking about a loser’s mentality. You have been inept, you have been nonexistent. When’s the last time you’ve won a Super Bowl? We talk a lot about the Dallas Cowboys; when’s the last time the Redskins have been relevant in the championship equation of things?

“And then you walk around after beating the Philadelphia Eagles — with a rookie quarterback by the way, because no matter how [good] Carson Wentz has looked, he’s still a rookie — but you walk around, and because you beat a rookie . . . you beat them in the nation’s capital on your home turf, 27-20, and you want to celebrate like you’re champions of something. This is why the Redskins are not winning: because of an attitude that’s asinine like that.

“Could you do something please? And by the way, [they] had the temerity, the unmitigated gall, to sit up there and bloviate about this stuff, and you ain’t even in first place! You’re a game behind a team YOU ALREADY LOST TO! This year! Which would happen to be the Dallas Cowboys, who also have a rookie running back and a rookie quarterback, and they beat you. And you’re gonna sit up here because you beat the Philadelphia Eagles — you’re running the NFC East? SHUT the HELL up. I mean, just stop it. Nobody wants to hear from the Redskins.”

Baker took to Twitter to respond to Smith.

Ricky Jean-Francois also had some fun with Smith on Twitter.

What a time to be alive.

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