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The Redskins are not fans of the “Color Rush” uniforms. Specifically, they’re not fans of the their “Color Rush” uniform, which looks like mustard and ketchup got in a fight and mustard won in a mustard-colored bloodbath.

We know this because of the 2017 NFL rules proposals were announced Thursday and Washington proposed an amendment “to permit clubs to opt out of the ‘Color Rush’ jerseys created for ‘Thursday Night Football.’” The reason: WAY TOO GARISH.

Meanwhile ...

As it stands, teams playing on Thursday nights are required to wear the “Color Rush” unis which, according to Nike, feature “a full head-to-toe monochromatic look ... that draws inspiration from both current and historic uniform schemes -- celebrating the hallmarks of each club’s distinctive identity.”

Because the Redskins weren’t on the “TNF” schedule last season, they didn’t have to don their homage to Ronald McDonald, and owner Daniel Snyder would like to keep it that way.