Redskins' Ryan Kerrigan says Tony Romo gets a 'bad rap'

Ryan Kerrigan respects Tony Romo.
That was a good play. (USATSI)

Much of Week 5's "Sorting the Sunday Pile" (my weekly recap) was spent examining the silly narrative that surrounds Tony Romo whenever the Dallas quarterback throws an interception late in a football game. Most people don't get it.

Thankfully Ryan Kerrigan is not most people. The Washington defender said on Wednesday that Romo gets a "bad rap" and praised Romo's football-playing skills.

"He gets such an unjust, bad rap," Kerrigan said. "The dude's a hell of a football player. He's really good.

Romo got attacked for his Week 5 performance against the Broncos despite throwing for 500 yards and averaging more than 14 yards per attempt. It was an insanely ridiculous, insanely big performance from the Cowboys quarterback and, quite nearly, a flawless game.

But that one mistake sticks with people because people are, quite often, stubborn about things they think are 100 percent true. And it is, in many people's minds, 100 percent true that Tony Romo doesn't have a clutch bone in his body.

Again, Kerrigan -- and the rest of the Redskins -- aren't sweating whether or not Romo is a "winner" and what he has between the ears. They're more worried about what sort of production he brings in between the white lines.

And outside of the tackles, too.

Week 6's primetime matchup is a big one for Romo. It's a divisional game against a hated rival. The Redskins are coming off a bye. Dallas secondary hasn't been playing well -- Morris Claiborne has the only interception off Peyton Manning this season, but it belies his actual production -- and Robert Griffin III and the Washington passing game are improving.

The Redskins secondary isn't very good at all and it's primed for carving by Romo. A big game for him and a Dallas victory would go a long way toward quenching the narrative's thirst and getting folks off his back. You don't want to hang around your television Monday if the Cowboys don't win, though.

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