Reggie Bush says he'll discipline his daughter 'harshly'

Reggie Bush has a 1-year-old daughter. (USATSI)
Reggie Bush has a 1-year-old daughter. (USATSI)

With the news of Adrian Peterson allegedly punishing his child/children rather harshly and the fallout being his  indictment for "reckless or negligent injury to a child," Peterson proclaimed he is definitely not a child abuser but was rather disciplining his child the way he'd been punished as a kid.

He also said he had "learned a lot and have had to re-evaluate how I discipline my son going forward."

But what has Lions running back Reggie Bush learned from the Peterson incident and the Vikings star's subsequent deactivation last Sunday? Not much. 

"I have a 1-year-old daughter, and I discipline her," Bush said told WFAN’s "Boomer & Carton" show via CBS New York. "I definitely will try to -- will obviously not leave bruises or anything like that on her. But I definitely will discipline her harshly depending on what the situation is."

Bush was asked if he would use a switch (small tree branch) on his child as Peterson has admitted using.

Said Bush: "I would possibly consider it, depending on what she did."

Later, Bush rethought that remark.

"No, I didn't say a branch or a stick," he said. "I said spanking. Spanking is different than a branch or a stick."

That's true. And if Peterson -- who has been accused of injuring another one of his children while disciplining him -- had simply spanked his child, this likely wouldn't be a story.

Later, Bush tweeted out the following.

But clearly, no matter how Peterson or Bush were disciplined while growing up -- for the record, Bush said he was whooped growing up and "I know a lot of my friends and a lot of the guys I played with, they were punished the same way, too" -- that doesn't mean society or the legal system believes it's right in this day and age.

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