Report: 49ers peeved that Redskins didn't cancel coach interviews

Vic Fangio, right, and Greg Roman reportedly aren't pleased with Washington. (USATSI)
Vic Fangio, right, and Greg Roman reportedly aren't pleased with Washington. (USATSI)

All's well and good with the Redskins, right?

They hired Jay Gruden to be their next head coach this week, and though many of us are skeptical that this was the right move, at least Robert Griffin III seems on board with the idea.

Probably because, as former Washington quarterback Doug Williams told the Washington Post, "The luckiest guy in this whole deal is Robert Griffin. Jay understands offense to its fullest, and especially the quarterback position.”

But you know who's reportedly not happy about the deal? Those who prepared to interview and then were not notified when their interviews were cancelled. For instance, some in the 49ers organization.

Roman, for those who don't know, is San Francisco's offensive coordinator and Fangio is the team's defensive coordinator. Since we assume those two spent part of their work-week studying the Redskins for their interview while preparing for Sunday's game vs. the Panthers, yes, it makes sense the 49ers would be peeved at this reported lack of grace.

On another note, never change, you glorious Redskins franchise.

UPDATE: The Redskins now say they never offered interviews to Fangio or Roman, though they did ask for permission from the 49ers to possibly interview them.

“Nothing was ever scheduled,” Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie said, via the Washington Post.

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