Report: Aldon Smith had 'higher-than-average' risk on draft profile

A nightmare year got much worse for 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith on Sunday night, when he was taken into custody at Los Angeles Airport, arrested and charged with false report of a bomb threat.

With Smith's off-field issues clearly a major, major problem, let's toss on the hindsight goggles and look at, courtesy of Fox Sports' Alex Marvez, Smith's draft profile. 

While Smith's public profile looked pretty clean, Marvez reports that Smith's pre-draft profile showed that the linebacker was "a higher-than-average risk" of "getting into trouble" in the future.

"He has some past experience with getting into trouble and is a higher-than-average risk for this sort of behavior in the future," the report states.

Smith was taken seventh overall by the 49ers in the 2011 NFL Draft and has a whopping 42 sacks in three seasons since stepping on the field for San Francisco.

That's particularly impressive considering Smith missed significant time last season after an ugly driving under the influence incident that landed the linebacker in rehab. 

Smith also had an issue with a felony weapons charge and at this point has more red flags flying around his off-field behavior than an Olympic procession.

According to Marvez, Smith didn't score well when it came to a SIGMA motivational testing.

"On a 10-point grading system, Smith scored a 1 for interpersonal style, receptivity to coaching and dedication," Marvez reports. "He scored a 2 for focus, affective commitment and interpersonal style."

It's not entirely fair to look back now and say that Smith was going to be a problem based on his pre-draft evaluations.

But certainly he had red flags coming into the draft and those have quite clearly come to fruition. 

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