Report: 'At least 10 teams' looking at Robert Griffin III in free agency

There is going to be a scramble for quarterbacks in free agency. And the top guy available might be a one-time savior for the Washington Redskins, one Robert Griffin III.

The Redskins confirmed Griffin won't be back in 2016. Kirk Cousins was given the franchise tag and already signed his tender. Washington simply needs to go through the procedure of actually releasing RG3. 

When it does, there could be lots of interest in the former rookie of the year. According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, "at least 10 teams" are looking at signing Griffin.

Despite all that we know about Robert Griffin III, according to interviews with a half-dozen front-office talent evaluators, he remains the most intriguing figure in the free-agent sweepstakes that begin this month. There are at least 10 teams giving Griffin a hard look, these sources say.

Do we want to guess those teams?

Sure, why not. The Cowboys are the easy choice. Jerry Jones might love Johnny Manziel but he's unsignable at this point. Grabbing RG3 would negate any issues with drafting a quarterback at No. 4 overall.

The 49ers could work because Chip Kelly. Hue Jackson ain't scared and the Browns need a quarterback. The Broncos are a team already rumored to be interested in Griffin. The Jets could work because Chan Gailey's offense does wonders for quarterbacks, even when they're not bearded.

The Texans desperately need a quarterback. So do the Rams.

That's seven right there. The Seahawks, Packers and Patriots kick tires on interesting quarterbacks all the time (but would need the market to be slow to really be interested one would guess). 

RG3 is going to attract a lot of attention in free agency. (USATSI)

So that's 10 but we're starting to stretch a bit.

The Dolphins (splashy offseason moves are their forte) and Colts (Josh Freeman is backing up Andrew Luck) would be amazing just for the whole 2012 NFL Draft factor. But probably not realistic options. 

Freeman lists maybe 15 teams and, while it's possible half the NFL inquires into Griffin, it feels like it will be a little bit colder out there for RG3. Freeman lists "Los Angeles, Cleveland or Houston" as the most likely landing spots, acknowledging it's "all guesswork" at this point. 

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