Report: Bengals, James Harrison contract talks back on

It’s still possible that Harrison signs with Cincinnati. (USATSI)
It’s still possible James Harrison will sign with Cincinnati. (USATSI)

For much of this month, the Bengals and former Steelers linebacker James Harrison have been negotiating a contract that would welcome the nearly 35-year-old to a new AFC North team. But earlier this week, the talks reportedly were broken off, and it was assumed the Bengals would focus their attention on signing linebacker Karlos Dansby.

On Friday, though, it was reported that the talks are back on, and coach Marvin Lewis said a resolution will occur, one way or the other, by next week’s NFL Draft.

When discussing the possibility of signing either Harrison or Dansby, Lewis said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer, “Either player that comes in, we make some adjustment to things we do and we feel good about them. They bring some playmaking ability to us and would be good to have. They are good men and would continue to enhance the defensive room. Both guys are smart guys and that would be good.”

Earlier this month, it seemed almost a done deal that Harrison and the Bengals would agree to terms. It made sense. The Bengals could use a veteran linebacker in the starting lineup, and Harrison didn’t seem to have any other suitors.

But by Tuesday, it seemed clear the two sides couldn’t agree on money and the Bengals would go elsewhere. Now, though, there is hope again.

"I think both sides would like to get something concluded. I think it will happen shortly at some point here," Lewis said, via the team website. "Not long. Because I think everybody realizes when we go into the draft, then it becomes different situations."

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