Report: Brandon Weeden wants trade from Browns

The Browns are kind of a mess these days. They're rebooting their front office for the second time since Jimmy Haslam took over after pushing Joe Banner out and firing Mike Lombardi. Unsurprisingly some players might be worried. One of those players is reportedly Brandon Weeden.

According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Weeden wants a trade out of Cleveland. 

This is ... not surprising?

That's not me questioning Silver's report. I totally believe it. In fact, it would be weird and/or surprising if Weeden didn't want out of Cleveland at this point.

First of all, things are pretty bananas in Cleveland these days. They're on their third head coach in less than three years and the third front office since Haslam became owner.

Secondly, Weeden got benched for Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer in 2013 after being given a shot to take hold of the job. That was by a coach and front office that didn't even draft him; it was Mike Holmgren who selected Weeden. So he wasn't even wanted by the last regime much less the current one.

Combine those two and you have a perfect excuse for a guy like Weeden to start pointing the finger elsewhere. He hasn't been good in Cleveland but, hey, maybe it's because dysfunction junction is a hard place to play football. 

That's probably NOT why Weeden failed with the Browns, but you can't blame the guy for putting a good spin on this. 

The only problem for Weeden -- and the Browns -- is they probably couldn't get a sack of potatoes for him at this point. So an outright release is a lot more likely, and even that would be a questionable move given how cheap a backup quarterback he is for Cleveland and their investment in him.

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