Report: Broncos will reclaim $1.25M singing bonus from Von Miller

Von Miller can't have his wages garnishing.
Von Miller is suspended for the first six games of the season. (USATSI)

There's a feud brewing in Denver between the Broncos and Von Miller as the team is reportedly planning to keep $1.25 million worth of signing bonus from the suspended linebacker.

Miller, who was suspended six games for violating the league's substance abuse policy, obviously isn't going to be particularly thrilled about the Broncos -- Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Denver's attempt to reclaim the bonus money "sets up a showdown" between Miller and the Broncos.

"The Broncos will reclaim $1.25 million of the signing bonus money they gave Miller, automatically withholding it from his paychecks when he's eligible to play again," Schefter reported Sunday. "But Miller's defense team is convinced the return of bonus money is not included with the settlement it reached with the NFL. Miller spent Friday in Washington going over the terms of the settlement. It sets up a showdown between Miller and the Broncos." 

This sort of action can get ugly. Miller's already got the cash in his bank account and now Denver's going to garnish his wages in order to make things "right"? That won't sit well at all with the superstar linebacker.

It's all about leverage, really, though. And the Broncos have it right now. They look plenty talented on the field even without Miller, having plastered the Ravens in Thursday night's NFL opener. The defense obviously needs him, but in his place Shaun Phillips was at least effective.

The Broncos also have the leverage in terms of just straight-up being able to take the money from Miller. But the linebacker won't just sit there and let Denver do that, which is why things could absolutely get ugly between the player and the team as his suspension rolls on.

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