Report: Browns adding wiener dog racing to game day festivities

If you've ever gone to a Cleveland Browns game hoping a wiener dog race would break out, you're in luck because that's actually going to happen this season. That's right, wiener dogs will be racing in Cleveland.

At one home game this year, the Browns will reportedly have a wiener dog race starting at midfield. Here are the details from

The fastest wiener dogs in the Midwest will put their “speed” to the test. The dogs will line up at the 50-yard line and Chomps (the Browns mascot) will wave a green flag. The dogs will then awkwardly run towards the end zone. First dog to the Dawg pound wins.

If you're wondering who deserves the credit for combining wiener dogs and racing at a football game, that would be Kevin Griffin, the nephew of two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin.

Griffin was hired by the Browns in May to be the team's vice president of fan experience and marketing, a job that includes improving the game day experience for Browns fans.

Griffin previously worked in Seattle -- for the Seahawks and the MLS' Sounders -- where the wiener dog races were apparently popular. As you can see in the video at the top of the page, there is nothing not to like about wiener dog races.

If things get really bad in Cleveland -- and lets face it, they sometimes do -- fans could just go to the game for the wiener dog race and leave at halftime. 

Besides dog racing, the Browns are also planning to bring back the Ohio State marching band for a halftime show and they also plan to honor Jim Brown at some point this season. However, they still don't plan to rent the team out as pallbearers.

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