Report: Browns will not draft Johnny Manziel with fourth pick

Sorry Browns fans, this isn't going to happen on draft day. (Twitter/@Sonny_D_)
Sorry Browns fans, this isn't going to happen on draft day. (Twitter/@Sonny_D_)

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If you've already pre-ordered your Johnny Manziel Browns jersey, hopefully you read the return policy carefully because Johnny Football might not be going to Cleveland. According to's Jay Glazer, the Browns absolutely aren't going to take Manziel with the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft

Not only did Glazer say the Browns wouldn't take Manziel, but he called out others who said that the team might take Johnny Football. 

"ESPN has reported all night that the Cleveland Browns are taking Johnny Manziel, and I am here to tell you they are not," Glazer told Fox Sports Radio. "NFL Network, I know they had come out and said well Jimmy Haslam has told everybody in the room that he wants it to happen, that is not happening. In fact, it's the other way. Jimmy Haslam has walked into the Brown’s draft room and said, 'Hey guys, this is not what I do for a living, it's what you do for a living. Whatever you do, I trust.' There has not been some edict like that. I have no idea where that came from, but that's not happening."

The only thing we know for sure about Manziel is that he's in New York and we know that because on Tuesday, he tweeted for the first time since Jan. 10. 

As for other cities Manziel won't end up in: Glazer said there's no chance that the Raiders would take Johnny Football with the fifth overall pick. If the Raiders do go with a quarterback at No. 5, there's a good chance it will be Fresno State's Derek Carr.

CBS Sport NFL Insider Jason La Canfora says that Raiders owner Mark Davis is smitten with Carr. However, there is concern that taking Carr at five could be a bit high. Let's be honest though, the Raiders making a reach with their first round pick is an annual draft rite we all expect at this point.   

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