Report: Cardinals not willing to offer much for chance to land Palmer

What are the Cardinals potentially willing to give up to get Palmer? (Getty Images)
What are the Cardinals potentially willing to give up to get Carson Palmer? (Getty Images)

As the Raiders talk to the Cardinals about the possibility of swapping quarterback Carson Palmer, the Arizona Republic brings word about what the Cardinals would be willing to give up in order to procure the 33-year-old Palmer.

In two words: not much.

Remember that Oakland gave the Bengals its first-round pick in 2012 and its second-round pick in 2013 in order to get Palmer. Now, the newspaper writes the Cardinals only would acquire Palmer for “late-round draft picks, possibly conditional on how, or if, Palmer plays.”

Palmer is supposed to make $13 million in 2013 for Oakland, but the Raiders reportedly wanted him to take a pay cut -- a drop in salary that Palmer wasn’t willing to accept. That’s why, as CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported Friday, Oakland was expected to work a trade with Seattle so the Raiders could acquire backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

Meanwhile, it appears Brian Hoyer and Drew Stanton will battle for the starting quarterback job in Arizona, though it’s also possible the Cardinals draft a quarterback next month. Or not.

"I think all speculators look at need and not the draft board,” Arizona coach Bruce Arians said recently. “If you draft for need, you're in trouble. Just because you need one you don't take one. If there's a better player there who's going to help your football team, if there's a quarterback who fits the spot in the draft that you put him at, that fits the value, then you take one. That's why I feel very comfortable with our situation right now, with Drew Stanton in our mix. The need value is not there.”

Now, with this report, Arians' opinion on “need value” seems to be showing even more. At this point, the Cardinals might be content to roll with Stanton and Hoyer, keeping a potentially-expensive Palmer out of town.

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