Report: Dolphins players told not to talk about Incognito, do so anyway

WR Brian Hartline reportedly spoke out because he felt player were being bullied by the media. (USATSI)
On Monday, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin refused to answer questions regarding whether Richie Incognito bullied Jonathan Martin to the point that Martin left the team to seek counseling.

"There are not going to be comments during the course of [the NFL's] investigation," the second-year coach told the media.

Apparently, that was also the message for Dolphins players. Here's a tweet from's Robert Klemko:

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post tweeted a similar message but with this addendum:

Defending themselves against perceived media bullying included wide receiver Brian Hartline    telling reporters that Martin had showed his teammates the profanity-laced voicemail he received from Incognito and he was laughing about it. That was the same voicemail Martin made available to the organization and the NFL, and possibly the reason the Dolphins suspended Incognito Sunday night.

Meanwhile, quarterback Ryan Tannehill told the media that Incognito and Martin were close friends.

"I think if you would have asked Jon Martin [before he left Miami] who his best friend on the team was, he would've said Richie Incognito," Tannehill said. "The first guy to stand for Jonathan when anything went down on the field -- any kind of tussle -- Richie was the first guy there. When they wanted to hang out outside of football -- who was together? Richie and Jonathan."

It's certainly reasonable that the Dolphins would want players to defer all questions to Philbin, even if he comes across as stilted and uncomfortable in front of the media. It's important to have one voice when controversies arise, but when players decide to be their own PR representatives, that singular message gets muddied.

Whether the team will take action against those players who spoke out is another matter, one that, frankly, could create more problems than it solves.

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