Report: Eagles want to keep Nick Foles, would trade him only for a first-rounder

The Philadelphia Eagles have reportedly already received multiple trade offers for Nick Foles, their Super Bowl-winning backup quarterback.

Just over an hour into the NFL's official pre-free agency negotiating period, however, all indications are that the Eagles have no intention of dealing the veteran signal-caller.

Both Mike Garafalo and Ian Rapoport said on NFL Network Monday that any serious offer for Foles would almost have to "start with a first-round pick" in the draft, and Rapoport went on to clarify via Twitter that the Eagles simply "do not want to trade Foles."

All of it smells a little like the Eagles are playing both sides, and understandably so.

On one hand, they could simply be trying to drive up the market for their playoff hero, whose contract expires after 2018, especially after the Buffalo Bills fetched a high third-round draft pick for Tyrod Taylor. Foles, after all, has the recent resume of a guy who at least warrants consideration as a starter around the NFL -- not as the shrug-of-the-shoulders tease he was often labeled before his second Eagles stint and, at least by his harshest critics, even after his Super Bowl run this February.

On the other hand, with starter Carson Wentz set to be sidelined all the way up until the 2018 regular season as he recovers from his Week 14 ACL tear, there's a feeling that the Eagles also have genuine interest in retaining Foles -- a premium insurance policy in a league with an unending quarterback carousel.

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