Report: Gronkowskis are pitching an animated television show

Animated Gronk could be coming to a television/computer/iMachine near you. (Deadspin)
This sounds about right. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who used his comeback from injury as a marketing opportunity, could soon be appearing on your television screens in animated form. According to Deadspin, the Gronkowskis are shopping an animated series about ... the Gronkowskis. Because, well, we can never have too much good-natured meathead mayhem in our lives.

Details, via Deadspin:

The Gronks would be a lightly fictionalized look at adventures of the Gronkowski clan, the five brothers, Gordy Jr., Chris, Dan, Glenn, and Rob, three of whom are in the NFL, and scion Gordy, aka Papa Gronk. ....

We're told the concept is being shopped around by by the Gronkowskis' managers, Henry Penzi and Wayne Carmona, but the heavy lifting will come in the offseason, when the plan is to have the entire Gronk family walk in on pitch meetings and "instantly sell it."

Who knows if this actually happens, but if it does we're looking forward to inevitable Bill Belichick cameo. And who knows, maybe Ricki Lander can even get some work out of it.

In the meantime, enjoy some screenshots from the leaked Deadspin video:

Somehow this hasn't shown up on (Deadspin)

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