Report: Hotel room trashing at Combine could hurt players in draft

This close to the draft, with millions of dollars at stake, players typically are on their best behavior.  Teams, meanwhile, are digging up everything they can about their potential picks.

Against that backdrop, the National Fooball Post’s Dan Pompei reports NFL teams want to know more about an incident at the Combine in Indianapolis in which a hotel room was trashed, apparently by two players who stayed there. Pompei did not identify them.

“One of the players is a potential first-round draft pick, and the incident could affect both players’ stock,” Pompei writes. “Front office men hoped to speak with one of the players about it at his pro day, but the player curiously made himself unavailable to talk.”

It might not sound like a big deal, but dropping even one spot can prove costly to any potential draftee.

Take last year’s draft. Linebacker Luke Kuechly, the No. 9 pick, received $12.58 million over four years from Carolina. Corner Stephon Gilmore got $12.1 million one pick later from Buffalo. At No. 12, defensive tackle Fletcher Cox received $2.3 million less than Kuechly, $10.24 million, from Philadelphia.

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