Report: Jeff Triplette to referee Bengals-Chargers playoff game

Lucky you, you'll get to see Jeff Triplette referee this weekend. (USATSI)
Lucky you, you'll get to see Jeff Triplette referee this weekend. (USATSI)

It has not been a great month for referee Jeff Triplette.

The end of the Giants-Redskins game was marred, in part, by the game officials moving the first-down chain when, in reality, it should have been third down (and then, they moved it back for fourth down).

Then, the next week, Triplette seemed to botch a replay review in which he gave the Bengals a fourth-down touchdown they probably didn't deserve.

Yet that won't stop Triplette from continuing his season, as reports that Triplette will referee Sunday's Bengals-Chargers playoff game.

But here's the thing. The assignments for postseason football assignments are merit-based, so clearly, Triplette was graded high enough that the NFL feels like he deserves to be rewarded.

With Triplette, the perception of his job performance is most likely infinitely times worse than his actual grades. But still, when Triplette is officiating your favorite team's games, there's almost no chance you're going to be confident that everything will run smoothly.

But here's the good news. Unless Chad Johnson can save the city of Cincinnati, fans who aren't attending the game won't have to watch Triplette and his performance anyway.

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