Report: Jerry Jones asks for hearing with Roger Goodell to appeal $2 million penalty

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones owes the NFL $2 million, but he's apparently not going to pay up without fighting the penalty first. According to a report from The Washington Post's Mark Maske, Jones plans on appealing the $2 million penalty imposed by the NFL. In doing so, he's asked for a hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has the ability to designate someone else to handle the hearing.

It makes for a strange situation given Jones' $2 million penalty was doled out because of the legal fees the league racked up trying to defend itself from (1) Jones' efforts to undermine Goodell's contract extension and (2) the court battle over Ezekiel Elliott's suspension last year, which was handed down by Goodell. Goodell, by the way, has the support of the majority of the NFL's owners, Maske reported.

Jones' feud with Goodell really dates back to last summer, when Goodell suspended Elliott for six games after the NFL investigated allegations of domestic violence. Elliott immediately filed an appeal, which Jones and the Cowboys loudly supported, and the process carried on for months in a back-and-forth court battle until Elliott eventually served his suspension. The Cowboys went 3-3 with Elliott. They missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

Meanwhile, as the owners worked on extending Goodell's contract in the fall, Jones put up a fight. It's a fight he eventually lost, as Goodell got his new deal in December, but along the way, Jones threatened to sue the NFL and some owners over the issue while the NFL accused him of "conduct detrimental to the league."

And that brings us to this latest development. On Monday, The New York Times' Ken Belson reported that Jones would be hit with the penalty while's Ian Rapoport reported that the amount would check in at $2 million. As Maske wrote in his story for The Washington Post, the penalty "arises from a 1997 resolution that requires any owner who takes legal action against the league to cover both sides' legal costs."

So far, Goodell has won both of his battles with Jones, getting his extension and seeing his suspension of Elliott hold up in court. Now, we head to Round 3.

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