Report: Josh Brent won't play for Cowboys in 2013

Reportedly, Brent won’t play for the Cowboys in 2013. (Getty Images)
Reportedly, Brent won’t play for Dallas in 2013. (Getty Images)

Last December, Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter after teammate Jerry Brown was killed in a late-night car accident. Brown’s mother has publicly shown her support for Brent -- as have the Cowboys -- but there’s a good chance you won’t see Brent at all this year.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Brent won’t play for the Cowboys in 2013. This might seem to be an obvious storyline, but remember that Brent’s trial has not been set. So, technically, there wouldn’t be anything legally stopping Brent from continuing to earn a living until he has his day in court.

Despite the Cowboys’ show of support, it’s hard to imagine they’d let him suit up for a game without having his trial completed. The NFL hasn’t issued a ruling, and commissioner Roger Goodell could very well decide to suspend Brent. You’ll recall also that Goodell suspended Donte Stallworth for the entire 2009 season after he was involved in a fatal traffic accident in which a pedestrian was killed.  

Brent's salary for this season, the final year of his contract is $630,000. Considering the team is less than $1.5 million under the salary cap (via, Dallas could be tempted to release him for cap purposes.

“Brent has spoken to Jason Garrett periodically over the last three months and has visited the head coach at his Valley Ranch office,” The DMN writes. “In addition to the support he has received from teammates, Stallworth has reached out to Brent to let the young player know what he went through after his accident.

"The team’s sensitivity and concern for Brent will remain.”

But at some point, a business decision will have to be made. And if Brent isn’t allowed to play in 2013, that decision will probably mean Brent won’t be employed for much longer.

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