Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox is being sued for allegedly encroaching on another man's marriage. 

According to the Charlotte Observer, Cox has been accused of seducing a North Carolina man's wife and ruining their marriage, leading to substantial emotional distress. In the state of North Carolina, a person can sue for "alienation of affection" in civil court.

The plaintiff, Joshua Jeffords, says that his formerly-happy marriage began to fall apart once he learned that the 26-year-old Cox was communicating with his wife via text messages and Snapchat. Jeffords claims that Cox and his wife had sexually-charged conversations -- including at least two text messages from Cox allegedly saying he wanted to get the woman pregnant. Jeffords also claims that the 6-foot-4, 310-pound defensive tackle sent at least one photo of his penis to the married woman.

Jeffords' wife sent messages to Cox calling him "boo" and saying she was "loving everything you have to say" and "I really like you ...," "We'd make some damn beautiful babies" and "I want to get to know you babe. I know we are compatible sexually ..." according to the lawsuit.


He says Cox met and seduced his wife when she was on a work trip to Pennsylvania in April. After confronting his wife about the affair, Jeffords says in the lawsuit that his wife visited Pennsylvania multiple times and moved there on Oct. 28 after putting her belongings in a storage unit.

Jeffords reportedly checked himself into a mental health facility to be treated for "substantial emotional distress" after discovering the extramarital activity involving Cox. He's seeking at least $50,000 in damages. 

Cox has yet to respond to the lawsuit.