Report: Matt Flynn 'wants' to sign with Dolphins, Miami 'low-balling' him

The Fins aren't exactly playing nice with Flynn either. (Getty Images)

The marriage between Matt Flynn and the Dolphins has appeared obvious ever since Miami hired his former quarterbacks coach Joe Philbin and the Packers decided not to place the franchise tag on Flynn.

Matt Flynn was the guy the Dolphins would end up with. Everyone knew this when Miami hired his former quarterbacks coach Joe Philbin. With the Fins out of the Peyton Manning race, things appear to be taking the logical course, as Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reports that Flynn "wants" to sign with the Dolphins.

But there's one problem: Cole also reports that the Dolphins, But the Dolphins are reportedly taking advantage of that relationship.
Now, if you've seen the Dolphins operate over the last two offseasons, you're well aware that they're not the first guys to receive a cup of coffee for bringing in high-profile names.

Having said that, there's a really good reason to use their leverage against Flynn: overpaying him is foolish, especially when no one -- even Philbin -- knows how good he'll be once he becomes a full-time starter.

But there's a catch to that too. The Dolphins aren't just all alone in the pursuit of Flynn. The Seahawks are in on him as well, and it's very interesting to hear ESPN Milwaukee's Jason J. Wilde point out that Flynn "won't immediately sign with" the Seahawks.
Seattle's been rumored to offer substantially less for Flynn's services than Miami would want to; the Seahawks would, according to John Clayton of ESPN earlier in the week, prefer something along the lines of a two-year, $12 million deal for Flynn.

And that's probably why the Dolphins are playing hardball. They know that Flynn wants to play in Miami, under Philbin's system. And they also know that Flynn would be col with playing in Seattle's west-coast system too, but he's probably not going to do it for $12 million and the relative insecurity of a two-year deal, when he can get more money and years in South Beach.

But -- and this is a big but -- if you're the Dolphins are you really in position to play chicken with a guy you believe is a franchise quarterback? Miami's already whiffed badly on Peyton Manning. Flynn's not Peyton, but he's also not Matt Moore and/or Crappy Veteran Quarterback X. He has upside. (If Philbin believes Flynn can become good, and Aaron Rodgers thinks he's a "top-15 quarterback" I'm buying in too.).

So it makes little sense for the Dolphins, who haven't appeared financially concerned with previous pursuits, to try and skimp on Flynn's contract at the expense of winning football games.
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