Report: NFL to fine teams for posting unapproved videos to Facebook, Twitter

The NFL is cracking down on social media posts and tweets. Starting this weekend, per a report, the NFL will fine teams that post unapproved videos to their official social media accounts during games.

Per a subsequent report, the first offense garners a $25,000 fine and the second offense carries a $50,000 fine.

Any violation after the second offense can carry a fine of up to $100,000 as well as "loss of rights to post League-Controlled Content (including game footage)." The league considers video to be "anything that moves," which means GIFs are off limits as well.

Not only are teams prohibited from these kind of posts, they're also apparently prohibited from informing third-parties why the changes are being made. From Mashable's report:

Sources from two teams said they feel the new policy is meant to limit the creativity of what teams can do online during games in order to drive attention and eyeballs to official NFL accounts, as opposed to social accounts operated by franchises.

On Twitter, for example, the memo says "video may not be posted from kickoff until 60 minutes after the conclusion of the game" by teams. The exception is "club 're-posts' of League video."

The league also told teams the new guidelines are "not to be distributed externally to any third parties, including, but not limited to, our social media partners," according to an email obtained by Mashable. So: Don't post original video, and don't tell reps from Facebook or Twitter why our game-day strategy has changed.

An NFL spokesman told Mashable that the changes had been in the works for awhile and are being implemented now because of a regularly scheduled owners digital committee meeting.

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