Report: NFL to now allow group, prop TD celebrations for 2017

Antonio Brown still can't tweak, but he will have more touchdown celebration options for the 2017 season. 

According to Tom Pelissero, the NFL will allow group celebrations for the 2017 season. The league will also allow celebrations that include using the ball as a prop.

While the NFL is lightening up on it's scoring restrictions, the league will still disallow "offensive gestures" that includes prolonged acts, miming weapons, and sexually suggestive acts that includes tweaking, an act that led to Brown being fined several times last season. 

NFL teams can now begin adding onto the list of the league's greatest group celebrations that includes the 1980s Redskins' Fun Bunch, the late 1990s Broncos' Mile High Salute, the 1998 Falcons' Dirty Bird dance and the 1999 Rams' Bob and Weave

It appears that Goodell and the NFL are finally listening to their players who have lobbied for the return of more expressive scoring celebrations for the past several seasons. 

“You know that I know that we all know football is an extremely hard sport to play. And I think it’s a reward as a player,” Cam Newton told Sports Illustrated last season.“I think we need to keep doing things that will make us celebrate.”

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