Report: NFL won't discipline Bernard Pollard for 'kill' comment

Bernard Pollar reportedly isn’t facing any discipline from the league. (Getty Images)
Bernard Pollar reportedly isn’t facing any discipline from the league. (Getty Images)

Now that we know for sure that Titans safety Bernard Pollard doesn’t literally want to end his opponents’ lives, the NFL won’t discipline him for his comments that he was on a mission to kill, according to ESPN.

Earlier in the week, Pollard taped a note to his locker that looked like this:

Later, he was asked what he thought about the critics who didn’t think the note was entirely appropriate.

“I don't care what they have to say,” Pollard said. “If they feel like we're going to carry guns and knives and try and stab people and try and kill them, shame on you. You are an idiot. For us, when we say kill, we want to go out there and knock the [heck] out of people, we want to hit you. And for me, we're going to help you up because I'm going to knock you back down. I have been at plenty of pee-wee football games where I have seen my son, my daughter, and you hear parents, you hear women, white, black, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, telling their sons, 'Kill them! Telling their daughters, Kill them!'"

But Pollard -- who’s now playing on a team in which Bounty-gate organizer Gregg Williams is an assistant -- also made sure to add this:

“Do I believe they mean kill them?" he asked. "Literally kill them? No. So if you have never played this game before and you want to take that and run with it, go ahead. Shame on you. You're a fool. But for us, that is just the mentality you have to have and that's not going to change.”

Reportedly, the NFL believed Pollard’s explanation that he wasn’t being literal and that he would express himself more carefully in the future. A lesson that Mario Williams already has learned.

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