John Harbaugh's squad may have violated the CBA. USATSI

The Baltimore Ravens may have run afoul of the collective bargaining agreement. According to a report from ESPN, the NFL will investigate the Ravens for the use of full pads during their recent rookie minicamp. Under the CBA negotiated by the owners and the players association in 2011, the use of full pads during practice is not prohibited until training camp.

According to ESPN's report, a five-minute portion of the May 6 rookie minicamp (a non-contact punt protection drill) was conducted using pads. The Ravens were mistakenly under the impression that rookie minicamp was exempt from the rule prohibiting full pads. Once players union rep Ben Watson clarified the issue, the Ravens reportedly pulled their players off the field.

Per the Baltimore Sun, "All of the Ravens' practices, including the rookie minicamp, are taped, so it shouldn't take the league too long to figure out the extent of the possible violation."

The Ravens previously violated rules "concerning the intensity and tempo of drills" in 2010. They forfeited the final week of their OTAs (organized team activities) as punishment. However, that violation and punishment was under the previous (2006) CBA.

Under the current CBA, the Seahawks have twice been fined for excessive contact during offseason practices. The last time they were found in violation was in 2014, when they were fined $300,000. They also were ordered to forfeit practice time. In 2012, they received a similar punishment for a similar infraction.

The system of fines and punishments for violations of this kind can be found on pages 135 through 137 of this document.