Report: Richie Incognito feels 'betrayed' by Jonathan Martin

Richie Incognito reportedly feels 'betrayed' by Jonathan Martin.
Richie Incognito reportedly feels 'betrayed' by Jonathan Martin. (USATSI)

It probably hasn't been a very fun week for Richie Incognito. It was just last Sunday morning when all the trouble with Incognito really began brewing up in a big way and since then he's been suspended indefinitely, defended by his teammates, and drawn into the tentacles of an NFL investigation.

Life's upside down for him right now and, according to a report from ESPN, he feels "betrayed" and "blindsided" by Martin going public with his accusations.

"It's probably a combination of totally blindsided and a bit betrayed," a source told James Walker of ESPN. "He's shocked. He can't believe this happened and thinks it probably could have been avoided."

The source also told Walker that Incognito always viewed himself as Martin's "tough-love older brother" and considered himself close to the Dolphins left tackle despite giving him a hard time, was "protective" of the former second-round pick.

This is interesting given that Incognito used some pretty aggressive language -- and a racial slur -- towards Martin in a voicemail that was made public. (Dolphins wideout Brian Hartline said later that Martin was "laughing" about the voicemail when it initially happened.)

Incognito's currently in Los Angeles and although the's not explaining why he's there, it's pretty logical to assume he'll be meeting with NFL investigators out there.

The biggest problem with this whole situation is the heavy layer of highly subjective material being floated out there. It's what happens when you've got two sides with clear-cut agendas trying to push different things. This is one of those cases, designed to help Incognito generate sympathy. Is there any real question that he feels "betrayed"? Clearly he didn't see this coming.

Hopefully the league's investigation will help strip some of that away.

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