Report: Rob Gronkowski to make cameo in 'Entourage' movie

Rob Gronkowski the football player will soon be Rob Gronkowski the actor. (USATSI)
Rob Gronkowski the football player will soon be Rob Gronkowski the actor. (USATSI)

The gang from Entourage will be getting back together in January to film a movie and that movie's going to include a cameo from Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, according to Gronkowski will play himself in the cameo, which makes sense because I'm not convinced Gronk has the acting chops to play anyone else. 

Gronkowski's theatrical manager Henry Penzi confirmed to TMZ this week that Gronk would be making an appearance in the movie. It should come as no surprise that a movie about rich twenty-somethings who like to party is going to include a rich twenty-something who likes to party. 

The most surprising thing here is probably the fact that Gronkowski has a theatrical manager. I'm assuming Gronk's theatrical manager is above his rap manager, but below his agent on the Gronkowski management team food chain. Gronk probably also has a damage control team now after making a race-related joke over the weekend.  

Anyway, Gronkowski isn't the first Patriots player to make an Entourage cameo. Quarterback Tom Brady showed up on an episode of the HBO series in 2009 playing himself at a charity golf tournament. You can see the Brady clip below. There's one NSFW word around the 52-second mark, so remember to mute when you get there. 

As for the Entourage movie, it will begin shooting in January. 

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