Report: Robert Griffin III 'extremely angry' about being benched

This may sound obvious, but Robert Griffin III, recently made inactive for the remainder of the season, is reportedly "extremely angry" about the fact that he's no longer the Redskins starting quarterback.

According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Griffin's "extremely angry" about the benching, which is coming, Silver reports, as a result of "performance" issues.

The coach said he benched RG3 in favor of Kirk Cousins because of his concern that the franchise quarterback might suffer an injury.

Pretty much no one's buying the whole "save Griffin from injury" thing, including Shanahan's own son?

The question is whether or not Shanahan's play was an attempt at insubordination against owner Dan Snyder. Shanahan said earlier this week he spoke with Snyder before making the move. Silver doesn't report otherwise, but NFL Network does claim the Redskins coaches are attempting to get themselves fired.

Ian Rapoport reports a Redskins coaching staff source told him that the coaches want to be "put out of their misery."

I'm sure it's not fun to be a Redskins coach, but it's also pretty unlikely that a bunch of coaches are hanging out waiting to get fired from their jobs.

The blame game is in full effect right now and information's leaking from everywhere. Good luck figuring out what's real and what's not.

At least we can all agree that RG3 probably isn't thrilled about the way this all went down.

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