Report: Saints DC Rob Ryan needs haircut if he wants to be head coach

If Rob Ryan wants a head coaching job in the NFL, he may have to cut his hair to get it. (USATSI)
If Rob Ryan wants a head coaching job in the NFL, he may have to cut his hair to get it. (USATSI)

If Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wants to be a head coach in the NFL, apparently all he needs to do is call his barber. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported on Monday that the reason Ryan's not getting more consideration as a head coach this offseason is because some NFL executives don't like Ryan's long locks. 

"If he wants to be a head coach, he has to cut his hair," Mortensen said several executives told him, via "It is about image for these guys. They want a CEO-type. That's what they want."

New Orleans coach Sean Payton doesn't seem to bothered by Ryan's flowing hair. Payton hired Ryan as the team's defensive coordinator back in February and said this week that he thinks Ryan will eventually be a head coach.  

"Obviously he's a coach that I think is going to be a head coach," Payton said, via "Obviously we made great improvements from a year ago. He brings an enthusiasm with him, a personality that is contagious. You know, he's a great staff person as well, gets along with the coaches."

All Ryan did for the Saints this season was take the worst defense in NFL history -- the 2012 Saints defense gave up the most yards of any team ever -- and he turned them into the NFL's fourth-ranked unit. Under Ryan, the Saints defense also improved from 31st to fourth in points surrendered. 

If Ryan's wondering what a nice haircut can do for you, he just needs to call his brother Rex. Rex gets his haircut once in awhile and has lasted as the Jets coach for five seasons. 

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