Report: Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley sued again

According to a report, Todd Haley has been sued again. (USATSI)
It was a relatively quiet bye week for Steelers players -- a couple were demoted, a couple were re-signed, and a couple were released -- but other than the typical roster moves, there wasn't much to report. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley, on the other hand, was in the news quite a bit and it had nothing to do with his suspect play-calling that has Steelers fans so enraged.

Days after Haley and his wife were sued for allegedly trashing a rental home, the Haley's find themselves in more legal trouble. According to, a man who watched Haley’s four dogs filed a civil complaint against the Haleys alleging that they still owe him $10,090. 

Nick Fiscante told WPXI that he reached an agreement with the Haley's to watch their dogs because they were living in a hotel after moving from Kansas City to Pittsburgh. Fiscante said the Haley's made one payment but have failed to pay the remaining $10,090. At a hearing in August, the district judge ruled in Fiscante's favor because the Haley's failed to show.

Haley's wife, Christine, has since appealed the ruling. According to court documents, she wrote that Fiscante “does not have a boarding license and runs an illegal and filthy facility," and added that two of the dogs “when returned were extremely aggressive and had to be given away because they were brutally attacking neighborhood dogs.” She also noted that the Haley's "never had a contract" with Fiscante.

Fiscante told WPXI that he does not, in fact, operate a boarding facility, but that he agreed to watch the dogs after a friend put him in touch with the family.

"The [Haley's] became like family and we welcomed them into our home," Fiscante said. "We couldn't have been any nicer to them."

The Steelers haven't yet weighed in on Haley's off-field issues (that also include this silliness), but the offensive coordinator offered up a "no comment" when asked about them Thursday.

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