When the Steelers host the Ravens on Christmas Day they'll do so in their monochromatic "Color Rush" uniforms, team president Art Rooney II confirmed to Steelers Nation Radio.

"We will be wearing what is referred to as our 'Color Rush' uniform for the first time," Rooney said, via the team's official site. "I know in a few weeks we are going to be able to unveil exactly what that looks like. We haven't had a home game on Christmas in my memory. It will be unique, special. This will add a little more excitement to what I am sure will be an exciting day."

According to Steelers.com's Bob Labriola, the Steelers will likely wear black on black, and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Mark Kaboly tweeted as much on Monday.

In case you're wondering what that might look like, 247Sports.com's Bryan DeArdo worked this up:

As Kaboly notes, the original plan was to have the Steelers wear their "Color Rush" unis in Indianapolis against the Colts in over Thanksgiving. That appears to have changed, though Labriola's remarks from this spring give some insight into what the Ravens' "Color Rush" get-up will look like.

"Each NFL team was able to choose a color for its 'Color Rush,' and the default choice for each team is to be white," Labriola said in April. "As the home team, the Colts will get to choose what color they will wear on Thanksgiving night. Assuming the Colts chose blue as their 'Color Rush,' and assuming the Colts choose to wear blue that night, the Steelers would wear white. Should the Colts decide on white for that game, the Steelers would debut an all-black uniform."

So should the Steelers wear all black on Christmas, the expectation is that the Ravens will wear all white.

And if you're a fan of alternate jerseys, more good news: The Steelers will still sport their 1930s-inspired bumblebee tops when they face the Jets in Week 5.