The Kirk Cousins drama is far from over. Even though the Redskins have placed the franchise tag on Cousins, effectively locking him onto the roster for the 2017 season, there’s still drama that can be played out.

For instance -- as I recently played out in my 2017 NFL Mock Draft -- a trade could happen. And according to Mike Silver of the NFL Network, that’s exactly what will ultimately go down. 

Basically, the Redskins are a mess and aren’t that high on Cousins right now, while the 49ers are interested in letting Kyle Shanahan “get his kind of quarterback that can run his kind of system.”

Cousins’ unhappiness in Washington, where the Redskins refuse to commit to him as the long-term answer, only exacerbates the situation.

“However, when it comes to the quarterback position, I believe Kirk Cousins wants to be in San Francisco, I believe that Kyle Shanahan, who has been very, very high on Kirk Cousins since he was the offensive coordinator in Washington when they drafted Cousins, I believe that marriage wants to happen on both ends,” Silver explained. 

“It’s an expensive marriage and we’ll see in terms of trade compensation that would take to get him, maybe something that happens in a year. But if I had to make a guess one way or another at this early stage, I would say it’s more likely than not that Kirk Cousins ends up being the 49ers quarterback.”

It’s not really that far-fetched to imagine a scenario where the 49ers land Cousins. They have the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, while the Redskins have the No. 17 overall pick. 

Flip those two selections (Washington gets No. 2, while San Francisco gets No. 17), give San Francisco Cousins and mix in a couple more picks to even things out and you have the parameters of a deal in place pretty easily.

Giving up Cousins for a 15-pick difference is crazy, up until you consider how much he commands immediately. The Redskins owe him $24 million for the 2017 season and either have to give him a 44 percent raise in 2018 or sign him to a long-term deal. 

Cousins has the Redskins over a barrel when it comes to said deal, because of how they’ve handled negotiations up until now. 

If he doesn’t want to stay there, this might be his final season, and the Redskins are going to get a third-round compensatory pick for him. If they don’t believe in him as the long-term quarterback, the best move is to let him go for a high draft pick and try to start figuring out an alternate way to operate the offense and handle the position. 

A trade is the best way to do that.