Georgia running back Todd Gurley is widely regarded as the most talented running back in the 2015 NFL Draft. But he's got a major red flag when it comes to an ACL injury that knocked him out for the year in the middle of November.

And now he's reportedly denying teams the opportunity to examine his injured knee. According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, at least one coach and one GM weren't given the chance to look at Gurley's knee. 

As Silver noted it's "highly unusual, if not unprecedented" for a prospect to deny teams a chance to examine him physically at the combine. 

It is, you know, why the combine was invented after all.

Todd Gurley's knee is at the center of speculation at the NFL Combine.
Todd Gurley's knee is at the center of speculation at the NFL combine. (USATSI)

But according to Silver, Gurley might return for a medical "recheck" later in the year in order to be fully examined as the NFL Draft gets closer. 

Gurley was initially suspended for a "memorabilia-related" incident but returned to play and suffered the ACL injury against Auburn on Nov. 15.

Here's one interesting theory: What if Gurley wants to fall in the draft? Not allowing teams to look at his knee would mean a probable fall in the draft, potentially into the second round.

That usually wouldn't be something a player chased, but because of the new CBA rules, Gurley would only have a four-year contract without a fifth-year option. He'd end up hitting free agency a year earlier as a result and wouldn't have to worry about the price of a late-round fifth-year option.