Report: Victor Cruz wants to stay in NY for opportunities with Jay-Z

It’s looking like Cruz likely will return to New York.
It’s looking like Victor Cruz likely will return to New York. (USATSI)

The signs that Victor Cruz will return to the Giants on his first-round tender continue to add up, and the latest report has to do with potential marketing opportunities from Jay-Z.

That’s the word from Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole, who writes that Cruz “has told at least two people that he plans to stay with the Giants long-term … [because he] wants to take advantage of the business and marketing opportunities he envisions with Roc Nation, the marketing company Jay-Z … founded.”

Coming off the news that the receiver has been working out with quarterback Eli Manning and Giants receivers Hakeem Nicks and Louis Murphy at Duke University, it’s beginning to be clear that Cruz isn’t likely to move on from New York.

One of Cole’s sources said there might have been a couple of teams interested in negotiating with Cruz to move away from the Giants -- those hypothetical teams also would have to give up a first-round pick to New York as compensation -- but there doesn’t appear to be much movement on that front. Cruz recently left his former agent and signed with CAA, which is affiliated with Jay-Z.

Even if the Giants keep Cruz and don’t negotiate a long-term deal with him, it soon could be an expensive proposition for New York. They would have to pay him $2.88 million this year -- which, of course, would be a bargain for 2013 -- but Cruz also reportedly wants $10 million per year on his next deal.  

That’s not cheap for a slot receiver -- even for one of the better slot receivers in the league.

Luckily for the Giants, they have somebody who’s willing to contribute to the Keep Victor Cruz Around Fund.

“I check the papers every morning to make sure no one else has offered him a contract. It is nerve-racking, though,” Manning said recently. “He is anxious. I know he has been dealing with this contract issue for a long time. I know he wants it just settled and wants to get back to playing football and just worrying about that … If the Giants want to work something out, I am always up for listening and figuring out what I can do to help the cause.”

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