Revis: Sherman needs to stop 'attaching his career to my career'

Darrelle Revis is getting pretty sick of Richard Sherman.
Darrelle Revis is getting pretty sick of Richard Sherman. (USATSI)

The ongoing battle between Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman as to who is the best cornerback in the NFL has boiled in the background for the last few months. And Revis is sick of it.

The man with a fictional NFL island named after him told Jarrett Bell of USA Today that he'd prefer if the Seahawks cornerback would stop "attaching his career" to Revis and "respect the game" a little bit more.

"He needs to quit attaching his career to my career," Revis said. "A lot of people need to have respect for this game. I'm not just talking about him. Respect what people have done to pave the way. Deion paved the way. Rod Woodson paved the way. Darrell Green. Mel Blount. Champ Bailey. Charles Woodson. Yeah, we're the next group, but you don't need to be getting into it with me.

"At the end of the day, this is a fraternity. We're all in this together, competing. But you don't have to shoot nobody else down."

That's been Sherman's speciality -- he's a very talented cornerback but he's also quite the aggressor. See: here when Seattle beat the Patriots and Tom Brady. And see: here, when Sherman went after Falcons wideout Roddy White.

It's part of Sherman's, uh, charm. But Revis doesn't care for it and he definitely doesn't care for Sherman deciding to "crown" himself the best cornerback.

"You can't crown yourself as anything in this league," Revis said. "You've got to earn it."

Revis can try and downplay the drama all he wants, but his smack talk should only serve to rile up Sherman even further. Unfortunately for all of us they can't simply go head-to-head and figure out who's the winner

Fortunately for all of us, the Buccaneers and Seahawks are scheduled for a Week 9 tilt in the 2013 season. There might be a little bit of scrutiny on the cornerback play that afternoon in Seattle.

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