Robert Griffin III is hoping to jumpstart his career in Cleveland, which historically, is where NFL quarterback dreams go to die. Part of RG3's makeover includes changes in his personal life; he's separated from his wife, and has a new girlfriend (her name is tattooed on his arm).

In general, a person's private life shouldn't be the public's concern, but this is the NFL, where nothing is off limits, and the enigmatic and embattled Griffin just so happens to play the most high-profile position. It's why former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann ripped Griffin last month for his new tattoo despite not yet being divorced, and why Theismann's former teammate, Hall of Famer Darrell Green called Griffin "selfish" and "childish," telling 106.7 The Fan (via the Washington Post) that "I don't appreciate his moral stance, what he's doing with his wife, his kids."

Green was just getting warmed up: "He's jacked up, and that's not good. I don't appreciate that. When you have responsibilities -- young people looking at you, [he] had this whole city in his hands -- and when you do that, you're responsible for more than yourself and that's selfish and that's childish, the way he's operating."

Griffin and his wife of more than three years, Rebecca Liddicoat, had a daughter in May 2015. Griffin is now dating Florida State heptathlete Grete Sadeiko.

Meanwhile, Green's comments made their way to Cleveland where, invariably, they were put to Griffin.

"I make sure I don't focus on those things,'' Griffin said Wednesday, via "That's the first time I've ever heard of that. For Darrell, a guy that I know personally, that's his prerogative. Whatever you say in the public sphere, you have to make sure you're ready to say that in the private sphere as well.

"Darrell hadn't approached me about anything and I consider him a friend, so that's disappointing, but it's nothing that I can control. I just focus on being here with the Browns, worry about football, focus on that and don't let anything distract me.''

There's more: Green also said he's be "surprised" if Griffin rediscovered his form with the Browns after losing his job to Kirk Cousins in Washington.

"I played 20 years, so I saw all the quarterbacks," Green said. "Kirk Cousins is Mark Rypien. What I mean by that is, he's smart, he has the skill, he is not the superior skill guy, [but] he has the skill to be a solid quarterback. Mark won a Super Bowl."

The RG3 era in Cleveland officially begins on Sunday when the Browns face the Eagles in the regular-season opener.