RG3 loses primo parking space at Arby's in Richmond, Va.

There are many perks that come with being a celebrity. For Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, that meant having a primo parking space at a Richmond, Va., Arby's. Just in case, you know, he was passing through and didn't want to walk the additional 30 feet to the front door.

Well, it turns out that if RG3 does decide to patronize this particular Arby's, he'll have to park with the rest of the common folk and go unrecognized while doing so. That's because, according to the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg, the Redskins have politely asked Arby's owner Dean Kovanes that the sign be removed.

Presumably, the Redskins didn't want it to appear as if Arby's was an official sponsor of the organization or their quarterback. Either way, no hard feelings.

If Kovanes, who said he put the sign up on a lark, is looking for other famous Richmonders to honor, we'd like to nominate Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who attended Richmond's Collegiate High School.

America's Roast Beef, Yes Sir.

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