RG3 takes off the headphones

The power of negative media exposure suggestion is a funny thing. Some players shrug it off, act like they don’t care about anybody else’s opinion and continue on with their lives. Some take the criticism (or suggestion) to heart and change their approach.

I’m not saying one way is better than the other, but in this case, it appears that Robert Griffin III is a people pleaser.

As DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg writes, Griffin has been known to wear headphones during team warmups before games. You can see that in the photo below before the preseason contest against the Bears.

With headphones. (AP)

But in the photo below, before the Colts game, RG3 is sans headphones.

So, what's the deal (because, apparently, this has turned into a big story)?

According to Steinberg, Griffin has been getting some blowback for wearing those enormous cans while warming up for games. Apparently, legendary Redskins quarterback Sonny Jurgensen, now a color analyst for the team, has disapproved on the air about what RG3 wears on the field before the game, and Politico’s Patrick W. Gavin, had this to tweet:

Maybe RG3's new pregame look is a coincidence or maybe this again proves how coachable he is. Hopefully, Griffin takes the advice of Doug Williams when he told CBSSports.com’s Mike Freeman not to put too much pressure on himself.

Either way, headphones or no likely will make absolutely no difference when the game actually begins.

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