Richard Sherman and LeGarrette Blount debate NFL's top CB

Richard Sherman does not back down from Twitter feuds. (USATSI)
Richard Sherman does not back down from Twitter feuds. (USATSI)

Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount lost a teammate to free agency this week when cornerback Aqib Talib signed with the Broncos. To congratulate his former teammate, Blount sent out this tweet. 

The problem with that tweet? It says Talib is the 'best corner in the league.' Not everyone agrees with that statement. Actually, no one really agrees with that statement. Take this guy for example, who quickly pointed out that Sherman might be better than Talib.  

Blount then tweeted at Sherman, bringing the Seahawks cornerback into the conversation.

The next Twitter feud Sherman passes up will be his first, so of course he responded to Blount. Although Sherman did try and play nice at first.

Then Blount took it to the next level and officially started a Twitter fight.  

Sherman was more than eager to respond. 

Then Blount followed-up by pulling out his Ace in the hole. Telling Sherman his job is basically easier than Talib's because Sherman isn't always covering his opponent's No. 1 wide receiver. 

Sherman then followed up with his Ace in the hole. He has a Super Bowl ring. Blount and Talib do not. 

I'm not sure who won this round, but I do know it ended a lot better for Sherman than the last time someone taunted Blount.

Oh and Sherman's already over the spat with Blount, he's moved onto another twitter feud: 

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