Richard Sherman believes Shaquem Griffin is a first-round pick

The Seattle Seahawks are going to have to revise their plan on drafting Shaquem Griffin if Richard Sherman gets his way. While the stud linebacker was once projected to land anywhere from the sixth-round to undrafted, his NFL Combine performance has at least darted him up to a middle-round talent. But Sherman thinks he deserves to be even higher on draft boards. In his mind, the Seahawks may need to use their 18th overall pick if they want to add another Griffin brother to the stable.

Among his impressive combine feats include a solid 20 reps on the bench press and a 40-yard dash time of 4.38 seconds. He's also participating in linebacker and defensive back drills as requested by multiple NFL executives. Outside of the combine, he has awards galore from AAC Defensive Player of the Year to All-American status to a Peach Bowl MVP trophy against the Auburn Tigers. Sherman's right he's proven his mettle every step of the way.

Sherman also knows the work ethic and football smarts that run in the Griffin family. The All-Pro cornerback gushed about his rookie protege, Shaquill Griffin, in 2017 whenever he got the chance.

Of course, Shaquill is Shaquem's twin brother; they also coincidentally have twin 40-yard dash times.

The Griffin already in the NFL went in the third-round in last year's draft but his brother's versatility may prove to be the tipping point. Sherman's assessment may not come to pass but it certainly is reasonable. The days of Shaquem's draft stock being held back by his lack of a left hand appear to finally be over.

Big time.

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