Richard Sherman is responsible for the most iconic play in Seahawks franchise history, played a major role in their only championship season, and was a model of consistent greatness during his seven-year run in Seattle before he got cut in the offseason and proceeded to sign with the 49ers. His return to Seattle on Sunday, when the 49ers visit the Seahawks, should be a happy reunion. But the game has already been tainted by a few hints of negativity.

Ahead of what will likely be an emotional return, Sherman gave Russell Wilson the kind of treatment he used to give opposing quarterbacks back when he led the Seahawks' vaunted Legion of Boom. Sherman didn't just knock Wilson for his quality of play. He also said that he doesn't have "a relationship" with his former teammate.

That shouldn't come as a surprise. The tenuous nature of Sherman's relationship with Wilson back when they were teammates has already been detailed prior to this week. 

It is a little surprising to hear Sherman criticize Wilson, the quarterback, though. Sherman's right that Wilson once threw five interceptions in a game (a 38-10 loss to Green Bay in 2016), but Wilson is also a quarterback with a career 1.9 interception rate. He's never thrown more than 11 interceptions in a single season. He has five picks in 11 games this year. Wilson's not a perfect quarterback, but interceptions are hardly his biggest weakness. 

The fact that Sherman is taking aim at the Seahawks -- he also criticized their recent draft history -- is also unsurprising. He's always been outspoken and honest throughout his career. So, we shouldn't be shocked that he called the Seahawks a "middle of the road" team even though they're in the thick of the wild card race.

Sherman did, however, have positive things to say about Pete Carroll.

What will be interesting to monitor is how the 12s greet Sherman on Sunday (4:25 p.m., Fox, stream on fuboTV, try for free). Based on everything he accomplished with the Seahawks, he should be showered with love. The Seahawks cut him. He didn't ask to be released or traded. According to Sherman, the Seahawks never even asked him to take a pay cut. Nobody should hate him for taking a job in San Francisco, where he's enjoying yet another productive season. If the Seahawks didn't want him to land with the 49ers, they shouldn't have cut him. Sherman deserves nothing but love from Seattle. 

Whether that's what Seattle gives him on Sunday remains to be seen.