Richard Sherman: NFL 'broke rules you can't break' on drug test

Earlier Sunday we pointed out that Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman --  a monster in Sunday night's victory over the 49ers -- was citing a "leaky" specimen cup in his appeal over a four-game suspension for a positive drug test.

Sherman was asked about his appeal after the game on NBC and said that the NFL "broke rules you can't break" and that he's "incredibly optimistic" about it being overturned.

"I think they're pretty good. We made our appeal, we made a strong case," Sherman said later on NFL Network. "They violated the chain of custody and unless they just say they can break rules and players can't, well that was their argument. So hopefully it goes the players' way and they uphold, you know, the rules."

Like I said earlier, it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Sherman, based on his reported claims, clearly has a case against the NFL.

If someone's pouring pee into multiple cups with broken seals, well, that's not exactly the most accurate way of conducting a drug test. It wouldn't be fair to suspend Sherman over that.

But he's also fighting an uphill battle at this point, because he has to prove that he didn't, in fact, test positive for Adderral in his system, despite his claims about the process.

Sherman doesn't believe the consensus outcome -- that he'll get suspended anyway -- will happen. If he's right, the Seahawks are going to be dangerous in the playoffs, with yet another chance to silence the doubters.

Oh, and speaking of that, Sherman had a little message for his old Stanford coach on Sunday night too:

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