Richard Sherman on 'Madden 15' cover: 'I don't believe in curses'

Richard Sherman ain't scared of no curse.
Richard Sherman isn't scared of the 'Madden '15' curse. (EA Sports)

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On Friday night Richard Sherman beat out Cam Newton for the rights to be the Madden 15 cover athlete

The Seahawks cornerback also secured the right to face off against the "Madden curse," which affected a large number of cover athletes. Sherman, for lack of a better term, ain't scared.

"I don’t believe in curses,” Sherman said. “I believe in God."

Strong answer! After all, what can you really say? You can't act like you are scared of the Madden curse. And Calvin Johnson did basically debunked it in Madden 13 with impressive performances bookending his cover appearance. (Barry Sanders was on the cover of last year's Madden 25.)

Ron Rivera would disagree -- the Panthers coach was voting against Newton in the finals to ensure his quarterback didn't run up into the wall that is the curse.

Newton's in the clear now (again; he finished behind Megatron two years ago, too) and while Sherman might not be worried about the curse, there's a good chance it could "get" him, if only because of how difficult it is to repeat as Super Bowl champion.

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