Richard Sherman: Panthers' bad year is 'karma' after Cam Newton stole 12 flag

Richard Sherman knows the real reason why the Panthers are 4-7 and unlikely to book a playoff spot a year removed from their 15-win regular season that ended in the Super Bowl: karma.

Remember when Cam Newton took down a Seahawks' 12 flag and threw it? Sherman certainly does.

And now it's time to revisit one of the silliest controversies in recent years. During Newton's victory lap around Bank of America Stadium after they eliminated the Seahawks in the postseason, someone handed him a Seahawks' 12 flag. Newton grabbed the flag and decided to chuck it.

The 12s were not pleased. One fan wrote a letter to Newton, calling him Mr. Classless Cam Newton. Others started a petition to ban him from setting foot in CenturyLink Field. Seriously.

I have some bad news for those petition-signers: Newton and the Panthers are coming to town Sunday and they'll be allowed to step onto the field in order to play against the Seahawks.

I also have some good news for the 12s: It doesn't look like Panthers will make the playoffs this year -- not because, as Sherman said, Newton grabbed a flag and threw it, but because they're just not very good. They're scoring 25.1 points per game (10th in the NFL), but are allowing 25.5 per game (24th). Meanwhile, the Seahawks are a very good team, despite their loss to the Buccaneers last weekend.

So, expect the Seahawks to take their revenge Sunday. Let's hope that will put an end to the drama.

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