Richard Sherman: Talking about Michael Crabtree 'getting old'

Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree are BFFs.
These two won't stop talking about how they're done talking. (USATSI)

It wouldn't be the modern-day NFL offseason without the Seahawks and 49ers firing shots at each other. Last year was Cold War-esque with the moves being made. This year the final play of the NFC Championship Game's spilled over off the field, although now the talk is all about the smack disappearing.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman started things by calling 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree a "sorry receiver" back in January. And he renewed it in July by stating his desire to "choke him out."

Crabtree responded by refusing to mention Sherman by name and stating he's "getting tired" of talking.

Well you know what? Sherman's sick of talking too, he says, telling the NFL Network he's "pretty much done" with the banter between Crabtree and "it's getting old."

“I’m pretty much done talking about that," Sherman said. "It’s getting old, it’s getting old for me. I’m tired of people asking me about it.”

This is hilarious for a couple reasons. One, he's "pretty much" done? That's definitely not "done." And two, if Sherman is sick of people asking him about it, he shouldn't have started talking about it in the first place.

"It's much more of I just don't like the dude," Sherman said on American Muscle (Discovery, Wednesdays, 9 p.m. ET!) recently. "I think he's sorry."

"It was a solid game and I knew he was going to be a little punk and walk off. He wasn't going to shake hands right after the game."

So now everyone is just going to cool their jets and forget this all happened. Ha. Ha. Right.

Give it two weeks before someone ends up saying something to rile one of Crabtree or Sherman back up.

It's the offseason, but the beast demands to be fed.

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